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Feb 17 2012 We are planning to hold the 10th anniversary event of Kiwi-W Consortium.

@Theme : The future perspective of ITS evolution, and the role of standardization
@Date & Time: 13:00-17:40 on 17 February
@Venue: B-1 level Middle Hall, Nippon-Seinenkan
@(Address: Kasumigaokamachi 7-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

We are waiting for a lot of participation.
Jun 18 2009 Kiwi-W Consortium implements Technical Session into g10th ITS Asia Pacific Forum & Exhibitionh which is held in Bangkok, Thailand on 8th-10th July, 2009 to spreadgKIWI Formath for Asian region.
Place: Room XX at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
Date: 16:40-18:40 on 9th July, 2009
Admission: Free (need to separately Delegate pass to the forum)
Details of the place and event are follows.
We are waiting for a lot of participation.
Mar 21 2004 JIS registration of the KIWI format was carried out (JIS D 0810).
Automobile-car-navigation system lot figure data storing format
Jul 9 2003 [Advance notice]
We inform you that this Web-page will have been under construction (12.July) For the maintenance of our server.
The member of the South Korean chapter was registered.
Feb 18 2003 We published a guidebook of "KIWI".
Please refer to the following. (Only Japanese)
Car Navigation System - Opened type data structure A and its use -
Apr 18 2002 The Kiwi-W cosortium annual meeting was held and the activities for 2002 were started.
In the meanwhile annual dues were revised as follows:
For director-company: one million (1,000,000) yen or 10,000 US dollars 900,000 yen or 8,000 US dollars
For ordinary members: 500,000 yen or 5,000 US dollars 450,000 yen or 4,000 US dollars
Sep 11 2001 The brochure of Kiwi-W consortium is ready.
Jul 23 2001 [Advance notice]
We inform you that this Web-page will have been under construction (11.August - 19.August)
For the maintenance of our server.
Jul 19 2001 The Kiwi-W consortium organization meeting was held today and the Kiwi-W consortium was started formally.
The President and officers were elected as below in this organization meeting.
Jul 4 2001 Click here for the guidance of Kiwi-W consortium organization meeting.
Jun 28 2001 We are going to hold the organization meeting on July 19 in Tokyo.
Invitations will reach the members soon.
Apr 24 2001 We began recruiting members from April 24 2001.
Please refer to the page of "How to join" for details.